Electronics Repair

Electronics Repair

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    Whether you need a minor electrical repair, a major installation or want to upgrade an existing system, our professional, certified staff can meet your marine electronics requirements. As electronic systems are in a constant state of evolution, our technicians are ready to consult with you concerning the the best choice and optimal networking of systems for your unique boating needs.

    Marine electronic systems we service include GPS, chart-plotters, radar, radios, on-board video and entertainment systems, autopilots, depth sounders, fish finders, full DC & AC Systems, inverter and charging systems, complete interfacing, on-board computer systems and more.

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    Our repair work falls into two categories: bench work and troubleshooting calls. If you want to have a damaged piece of equipment professionally inspected on a budget than the best thing to do is to bring it into our shop.  Although we have a lot of tools at our disposal, it is still in your best interest to bring in as much of your system as possible so that we can find out exactly what’s wrong (ie, is it the control head or the anemometer that is defective?).

    For more heavily integrated systems (like an autopilot or radar), it usually requires a troubleshooting call to your boat to find out what is not working. This is often the more convenient method for customers to have failed electronics tested.

  • marine electronic repairs
  • Marine Electronic Sales

    We are dealers for all of the major marine electronics brands and can easily sell you any item that you are looking for. We source from multiple distributors including directly from the manufacturers which allows us to get you the best price or expedite shipping depending on your needs.

    Almost everything we sell is discounted off of retail pricing but since our margins vary from brand to brand you will have to call us for specific item pricing. One of the advantage of being a small business is that our pricing structure is somewhat flexible. It is a common practice of ours that for larger packages or for jobs that include installation the equipment will carry a better discount than for small parts sales.

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