Paint & Gelcoat

Paint & Gelcoat

  • preparing boat for gelcoat
  • Precision Work

    Our craftsmen are exceptional at what they do, delivering a perfectly smooth finish. The first stage of every paint project we do is evaluating the surface to be painted. We address any flaws in the surface to be painted, as this is essential to the final produce.

    The exterior lines must be true and “fair” – meaning, they have to be perfectly smooth with no discernible irregularities, hollows, or marks of any kind. This work requires such precision that fairing is regarded as an exhibit of the skill of the artist performing the work, and experienced craftsmen regard it as a kind of signature.

    Contact us today to get your free quote to get your boat’s hull and topside paint service completed.

  • hull and deck painting
  • Hull & Deck painting

    Over the years many boats here have gotten hull paint jobs at our shop. We pride ourselves in their finish quality and durability. We can accommodate boats of any size and encourage you to give us a call if you are interested.

    We have completed hull and topside paint jobs on everything from sportfishing yachts and large motoryachts to sailboats and center consoles. We are trained in the latest techniques in the application of Awlgrip and Awlcraft, and have experience in both traditional and metal flake painting.


  • boat gelcoat blister repair
  • Blister repair

    Blisters rank as the most common warning sign of osmosis problems. Blisters can vary from small pinhead blisters, to areas as large as the palm of a hand. The presence of any fluid behind a blister indicates a potential boat blister repair problem.

    Boat blister repair may require simply grinding out the affected area, and filling and fairing with epoxy laminate and fillers. We use an electronic moisture meter. With it, we can determine whether the problem is localized, or affects the entire wetted surface. If a large portion of the hull is affected, boat blister repair generally requires removal of all gel coat and perhaps even a thin layer of the underlying fiberglass. We use a specially designed peeler. Then, we sand the affected surfaces.

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