Prop & Shaft

Prop & Shaft

  • Flame Straightening a bent Steel shaft
  • Over the years we have pioneered and perfected the practice of machining damaged (and also new) boat propellers and shafts to yacht quality SAE & ABYC standards for ultra quiet, vibration-free operation.

    For shafts that are worn, pitted, or damaged, we offer specialized metalizing for precise and even surface reapplication, bringing old shafts to smooth “ like new” condition while saving thousands over the cost of buying new.

    When shaft straightening is the need, our specially designed, 400–ton roller presses –combined with years of R&D in the field – give us a clear edge for straightening repaired shafts and also new shafts beyond original specs to meet strict ISO 10010.

  • Propeller repairs heat treating
  • Propeller Repairs

    We repair bronze, nibral, and stainless steel propellers. In our process, we check and adjust the pitch, track, index, and balance. We also do pitch changes and cut-downs. We have been customizing boat propellers for years with outstanding results. Your  propeller can be modified for your specific needs. Hole shot, speed, less rpm’s, more rpm’s, cavitation problems.

    Brunswick Landing Marina can help you with any one of these problems and more. We have a huge amount of time and testing devoted to each of these propeller modifications. They are proven and we are confident you will see results.

  • Inboard propeller repairs
  • Shaft Straightening

    When the prop shaft is bent, even the slightest bit, it can often cause noticeable vibrations.

    We will inspect bearings and stuffing boxes  for excessive wear; check for corrosion; and clean, polish, and straighten as needed. If necessary,  we can provide new shafting in AQ-19 or AQ-22 to your length specifications, reface couplings  to ensure accurate engine  alignment, and check  coupling  register run-out.

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