Bottom Cleaning

Bottom Cleaning

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  • Hull & Bottom Cleaning

    The Hull of a boat refers to its main body, and hull cleaning involves cleaning from waterline of the vessel to the bottom of the keel, all running gear, trims, shaft, transducers, knot meters, rudders and intakes.

    The hull of a boat left in water over time accumulates all kinds of algae, marine life, and barnacles that attach to the bottom of the boat. This growth increases the fuel consumption of the vessel, by causing frictional resistance and increasing the weight of the vessel significantly which causes strain on the engines. Fuel economy is undoubtedly one of the major reasons for hull upkeep; a lightly coated hull of a boat could increase its fuel costs by up to 15-20%.

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  • Bottom Growth

    Even the slightest amount of bottom growth will cause inefficiencies at running speeds. Even moderate growth can cause loss of speed and RPM. This equates to higher fuel consumption and loading of the Engines. In other words, your engines are working harder and using more fuel to deliver less speed. In some extreme cases, it’s not uncommon for hard growth on the running gear to actually “snuff out” a very powerful diesel engine when it’s shifted into gear.

    You’re saving money and protecting your investment by maintaining a clean hull bottom and running gear (props, struts, rudders and trim tabs). The intake and discharge through hulls and all sea cocks need periodic inspection and cleaning.

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  • Bottom Blasting

    Why should you get your bottom blasted? The first reason, obviously, is that stripping a boat bottom is dirty and difficult work. Our process addresses both those issues. Second, layer upon layer of boat bottom paint over a vessel’s lifespan leads to significant buildup, adding unnecessary weight and, in some cases, drag from flaking or sloughing paint. Third, paint applied to a flaking or uneven surface doesn’t stick to the boat. Boat bottom blasting provides a fresh start, assuring the products used are applied correctly. Another practice we’ve seen is to have the bottom blasted after a used boat purchase; underlying problems covered up with bottom paint can be uncovered, addressed and proper coatings and procedures can be followed when re-applying bottom paint.

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