Boat Maintenance Yard in Brunswick, GA

Year-Round Care for Your Boat

Brunswick Landing Marina offers a complete menu of marine services in all specialties year-round providing the highest quality attention to your boat. Contract professionals help us provide the “full service” that boaters expect of quality marinas, by complimenting those services available from the Marina staff.

Our staff and contractors have years of training and hands-on experience servicing boats of all types, for customers all over the world.

50-ton Travel Lift

In the boatyard is the 50-ton travel lift that can lift boats up to 70′ long with a max beam of 18-ft. The travel lift is available for hauling, launching, and surveying vessels.

Bottom Cleaning

Hull cleaning involves removing growth from the waterline of the vessel to the bottom of the keel, all running gear, trims, shaft, transducers, rudders, and intakes.

Boat Detailing

Looking for boat detailers in Brunswick? Our detailers use top-quality products and guarantee the best experience for your vessel with several options to choose from.

Concierge Services

While you are away, let us take care of your boat. No job is too big or too small. Our concierge services are for all our guests, both transient visitors and full time slip holders.

Towing Services

No boater wants to be stranded on water or land. That’s why the we offer boat towing services in Brunswick, GA to be able to aid you in your time of need.

Bottom Paint

Our craftsman are exceptional at what they do, delivering a perfectly smooth finish and are ready to help you maintain the integrity and value of your vessel.

The following services are offered through carefully selected outside contractors:

Fiberglass Repair

Our team has the experience and talent to fabricate new parts, make repairs, and restore your boat to its original strength and showroom appearance.

Propeller Repairs

We have partnered with a local repair shop that is the best in the business with repairing damaged boat propellers for ultra quiet, vibration-free operation.

Marine Welding

Our on-site boat welding services are available for a variety of needs including repair work on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Mechanical Systems

The Brunswick Landing Marina service yard is capable of handling marine diesel engine overhauls, install, rebuilds, maintenance, and servicing.

Custom Woodworking

Our year-round crew of professional woodworkers have the technical and artistic capability to handle all aspects of boat cabinetry and joinery.


We have different media to suit their needs whether you want it dry or wet, sand blasting is a good choice. We also offer soda blasting and it is the current method of choice.

Free Estimates

No obligation quotes for all work in our boatyard.


Contact us today to schedule your service!

Sailboat Rigging

We offer construction, design, installation and servicing of custom masts, booms and rigging for high performance racing and cruising yachts.

Canvas Repair

We offer a full range of services from simple repairs on marine canvas and zippers to complete fabrication of all types of boat tops and boat covers.

Shaft Straightening

We can provide new shafting to your length specifications, reface couplings to ensure accurate engine alignment, and check coupling register run-out.

David Albright

“Without a doubt, the nicest marina we have encountered. The facility is five-star, the staff is very attentive but, even more than that, the culture is amazing. We were just passing through and stopped to enjoy Thanksgiving with cruising friends and fell in love with BLM. We can see making this our home for awhile, when we need to cool our jets. Highly, highly recommend.”

Richie Lott

“We’ve always used this place since the 90s. Big boats cost big money to maintain, this is just another part of it. It’s always been well run and usually no problem getting someone on the phone to check status of a haul out or job on the set. Price is reasonable compared to Florida haul out yards. I recommend this place for large boat owners.”

Jenny Schildecker

“We love love love it here!!! Best marina we’ve been to by far, love the cocktail nights at the yacht club, the community, the free laundry, the amenities and the friends we’ve been making. Great management, brilliant staff, we feel like we’re home. Can’t praise this place highly enough ❤️”

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Brunswick Landing Marina is the Atlantic Intracoastal waterway liveaboard marina, offering you amenities like free Wi-Fi, easy provisioning, pet-friendly assistance, etc.