Outside Contractor Registration and Agreement Forms

As an organization, we are always working to find ways to improve our policies and procedures. Recently it has come to our attention that there is some confusion as to why the marina charges an outside contractor fee and we wanted to explain its purpose and present a reduced fee structure. This will apply to work being performed on boats by outside contractors, in the water, that cannot be performed by Brunswick Landing Marina personnel.

Two of our most significant expenses as a business are related to liability and workers comp insurance premiums, along with the administrative expenses that we incur to satisfy our insurers.  Each year we are audited to verify we have the proper policies and procedures in place and that we maintain accurate records on the insurance coverages our outside contractors have.  Without doing this, our rates will increase dramatically, or we will lose our insurance and not be able to operate.  This is an expensive and time-consuming requirement that only works if the contractors comply and help offset the cost.

Contractors may elect to pay on a per-visit basis (Single Day Access) or pay for extended periods as listed below. The fee schedule is as follows:

Single Day access: $20

One week access: $50

Month Access Fee: $100

Annual Access Fee: $1000

All contractors will still be required to check in with the dock office every day prior to visiting the customer’s boat and will be required to sign our Outside Contractors Agreement. Contractors will still be required to maintain liability insurance not less than $1,000,000 as well as Workers Compensation Insurance. These requirements must be met prior to being allowed access to any customer’s boat.

Outside contractors working on vessels in the Boat Yard will still be required to pay the 15% Outside Contractors Fee.

The rules below apply to ALL CONTRACTORS WORKING AT BRUNSWICK LANDING MARINA, INC., including, but not limited to, Service Repair Companies, Vendors, Boat Dealers & Brokers, Marine Surveyors & Charter Captains. Companies and individuals who are not employed by this Marina, are welcome to work on boats at Brunswick Landing Marina as long as they understand and comply with all Brunswick Landing Marina rules. Contract professionals help us provide the “full service” that boaters expect of quality marinas, by complimenting those services available from the Marina staff, but they must follow the same rules we work with for security, safety and environmental protection reasons.

Any contractors with an account(s) in arrears with Brunswick Landing Marina, Inc. will be prohibited from working on vessels at Brunswick Landing Marina until their account is brought current.

To keep this Marina operating in a safe, clean, and professional manner, contract professionals MUST comply to the provisions of our Contractor Safety & Environmental Protection Agreement , including providing the Marina Office with copies of:

  1. Current occupational license, and city/state sales tax registration numbers.
  2. Current certificate of public liability insurance (minimum $1,000,000) with companies insured. The Marina Office shall be furnished with copies of such policies, which shall contain a provision that cancellation or reduction in coverage thereof shall not be effective as to this Marina except upon 30 days advance written notice to the Marina Office. Brunswick Landing Marina, Inc. must be listed on policy as an additional insured.
  3. Current Workmanʼs Compensation Insurance Certificate.
  4. Current letter of consent, repair order, or a completed authorization to repair SIGNED and dated by the boat owner of record to be presented to the Launch Office prior to boarding ANY boat.
  5. Signed copy of the Contractors Safety & Environmental Protection Agreement; signature should be that of an authorized member of management for your company. The signed copy of this agreement must be on file in the Launch Office and Marina Office before starting work in this Marina.
  6. Copy of current USCG license when passengers are carried for hire, or vessel is chartered from this Marinaʼs premises.
  7. Copies of all MSDS sheets for all chemicals being used by the Contractor while in the Marina and kept current as new products are used.

Prior to starting any work, the contract professional or agent must report to the Marina Dock Office each day to confirm the current status of the required documents and to sign the marina log.

Failure to report prior to work, or to not have all documents current and on file, will result in suspension of access to the Marina.


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Indemnity & Assumption of Risk

The undersigned, in consideration of permission granted by Brunswick Landing Marina to enter upon the property of such Marina and perform work or services upon the property of such Marina and perform work or services upon boats and/or motors in such Marina, does hereby expressly assume any and all risk to his person or property, or the person or property of any of his invitees, agents, or employees, in entering upon said premises and/or performing such services.

In addition, the undersigned agrees to hold Brunswick Landing Marina harmless from any claims or damages resulting from or arising out of any act or omission of the undersigned, his invitees, agents or employees, to provide all necessary and sufficient safeguards and to take all proper precautions against the occurrence of accidents, injuries or damages to any persons or property and to be responsible for and to indemnify and save harmless Brunswick Landing Marina from all losses or damage and any or all claims arising by reason of any act or omission of the undersigned, his invitees, agents, or employees, and further agrees to defend at the expense of the undersigned any and all suits or actions, civil, or criminal, arising out of any act or omission of the undersigned, his invitees, agents or employees.

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